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"Terezi, what happened to us?"
His words startled her as they echoed through her ears, ringing a melancholy chorus. His soft voice had been laden with sorrow, and she felt her heart sink down to her feet.
"What do you mean, Karkat?" she asked quietly, almost a whisper.
The troll's footsteps thudded behind her as he shifted uncomfortably; her burnt eyes welled with teal tears. She clenched her teeth in an attempt to prevent herself from sobbing.
"Why are you flushing for that douche? Of all the fucking humans, why him? I could shit out a better fucking matesprit for you." he growled.
Terezi sighed in disappointment; the first time they get a chance to talk since getting on this meteor, and this is what he brings up? Wonderful.
"Please, Karkat, I'm not in the mood for this right now."
"And you think I am? We used to be so fucking close, Terezi, and now, the whole fucking universe revolves around Strider. Clear sailing all the way when he's around, it seems. He's the only one you ever spend time with. Gog fucking forbid if you even say a word to me."
She spun around to face him. After laboring for a moment, her hand finally found his, their fingers interlocking tightly; candy apple instantly assailed her nostrils as a deep blush crept up on the other troll's cheeks.
Terezi hadn't known why Karkat was reacting so badly to her abrupt 'friendship' with Dave; he always appeared to hate her, and now this? She never knew he had this side to him. Strange as it was, she found it flattering.
"Oh, Karkles," she paused, the nickname feeling foreign in her mouth, "I don't know what to say to you. I always thought you wanted to be my kismesis…"
"Oh, fuck that shit!" he exclaimed, pulling his hand away.
She heard him choke on his next words, and assumed he was beginning to cry. She'd never seen him like this before, so full of emotion [other than hatred and/or anger]; it was, at the least, unsettling.
In truth, her flushed feelings for the troll had never subsided. She had just decided to abandon the thought that they'd ever work out, and left it in the back of her mind as a subtle wish. If she'd known that Karkat felt this way, she would have surely acted sooner.
But now, after meeting Dave for the first time, her emotions took a sudden twist. They never truly faded from the troll, but her heart also began to beat for the human. It was so confusing sometimes; she ran her hand through her hair.
"Karkat, if I knew that you felt like this…" her words trailed off.
"If you knew? Excuse me, but here's a sudden flashback; I hugged you! Do you know how embarrassing that is? Especially in front of all our friends? Fuck, I don't think I could've made it any clearer!"
His words drew a chuckle from her lips. "Oh my, if I'd known that hugging was such a deep and emotionally connecting thing, so many of our dead friends would be begging me to be their matesprit."
"This isn't a joke, Terezi. Fuck, this is so far from a joke, Egbert wouldn't even know how to make it funny."
"He's a terrible comedian anyway."
"What the fuck ever!"
She smiled, small though it was, and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Karkles, I'm going to tell you a secret; your blood will always be my favorite." she murmured.
With that, she walked away, leaving Karkat standing alone. His face was redder than ever.
The title is what it is.
SLENDYbaby Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
CapricornCazonet Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013   Digital Artist
:c This is awesome but I wish that Karkat could just get with Terezi D:< Dave is such a douchebagette
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Ikr!!! He broke karezi!! >:[
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